CO-FOUNDER: Janiqua “Rae” Burnett


I’m Rae, a funny, goofy, creative, dancing, blogger, entertainment manager and art promoter that wants people to know life ain’t all that bad and it’s okay not to bite your tongue. I was born and raised on the southwest side of Houston, Tx. I’m a very upbeat and bubbly person, that’s always ready to help in any way I can, hence the blogs! I aspire to be a public figure known for my hand in many projects’ success and will not stop until that goal is accomplished. I’m great at everything I do and have been led to believe that blogging, along with managing and promoting artists is my calling, yes all three! A former acquaintance of mine came to me with the idea for Arts of All Trades (now RP&M Co.) and me being the hands on person I am, I hit the ground running. Recruiting artists from any and everywhere, from twitter to imessage chat groups and the list of talents just keeps growing and growing. In just three days this site was up and running and gained over 300 visitors and there’s much more success to come from it, with that being said get out of here and go read, watch and listen to some entries. Like. Comment. Share. If you’re interested in being featured fill out the contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Enjoy the site!

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