Mike Jaja – Photographer/ Public Figure (Houston, TX)

mike jaja
“Photography & confidence go hand in hand. The Inner you, that divine soul that God installed into your very being gets captured. Your most Authentic self is the Confident self.” – Mike Jaja

 As a kid between the ages of eight and nine, Mike and his older sisters and would steal their father’s camera every weekend he went to work and make short films and music videos. This became an intense infatuation for them because of the shear exorbitant excitement and rush they would get filming. As Mike grew old his infatuation soon faded and became obsolete due to his love for basketball. Mike soon found out that basketball would no longer be in his future as a career, due to a heart condition that forced him to re-evaluate life and his purpose, but his answers were closer than he knew. It came in the form of a Senior market day project where he and a group had to make a product and create a commercial to advertise the product and SELL it. With the help of his older sister Joy, who ended up producing their senior market day commercial, they had much success. It opened Mike’s eyes to the creative aspect of life and made him realize that one can enjoy the work they do and actually make an income doing it. “God led me to pick up my camera,” Mike stated in an interview, “initially when I picked up the lens again in college I didn’t know what this actually meant for me. It was just a Hobby. God kept revealing to me that this thing that time doing part-time, while working two jobs and going to school full time, would not be just my hobby, but my ticket out!” Once Mike accepted his fate, he became a different person. He not only wanted to take pictures and make videos, no, that wasn’t enough, he needed to know how he could use his lens in the way GOD intended for him, how could he use his gifts with PURPOSE. From then his led him on a journey, helping others going through depression, low-self esteem & suicidal thoughts. “God has led me to shake and remove that spirit out of people. Not only with photography but with the spoken word. I CONTINUE because there is someone else out there dealing with depression, there is someone out there who wants to ACHIEVE something MAJOR but no one believes in them. There is a kid out there contemplating suicide, but in the Name of JESUS if that individual sees my content his/her life will be changed.”

“I continue because I have Faith that if 1 billion people need help, then why not reach all 1 billion.” – Mike Jaja

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