Olupencil – Artist (Lagos, Nigeria)


His name is Adedeji Olufemi, but on social media, he’s known by Olupencil. His relationship with art started almost 25 years ago when he was a 10-year-old boy. He’s what many would call a “self-taught” artist, his finishes and effects are natural skills that he has perfected over time. “It’s been a God-given gift that I have within myself.” is what Adedeji says when asked about his work. He started off only using pencils and paper; however, as time went on, he fell in love with other mediums and started using acrylics, tempera, oil pastels, oil paints, and ink! He normally does black and white illustrations, but once he introduced other mediums, he began experimenting with colors and his clients were elated!

“In truth, I’ve accomplished a lot of work and sold them here in Lagos and abroad everywhere. I’ve also received plenty of good remarks, rewards, and commissions since it all started. I thank God for how it all started and where it’s leading me to now.” – Olupencil

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Buy his work here —>> https://fineartamerica.com/art/olupencil


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