Donnell Warren – Carpenter (Houston, Tx)

donnell warren

Meet Donnell Warren, owner of Sound Authority, a carpentry business in Houston, Tx. At the age of nine, his aunt would discipline him by having Donnell work with this uncle, who is also a carpenter. He was told to pull sheetrock off of walls and hammering nails. Growing up in this house taught him many trades, that he soon learned to love. By the age of eleven Donnell was building things on his own, not even a year later, Donnell decided that he wanted to be a carpenter too. Carpentry is a hobby for Donnell, it helps him to relax, but he also enjoys the reaction and praise he gets from his very satisfied customers. Donnell has worked with many big name artist like Johnny Nash, local Houston rapper Trae Da Truth and Houston’s very own DJ Mr. Rogers. “We aren’t home renovators, we don’t just rebuild them, we modernize them.” said Mr. Warren when interview by Art of All Trades. He’s currently rebuilding a house for a victim of Hurricane Harvey, and let’s just say she’s more than grateful for his service and his work.

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